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Growing up, Sarah's love for the Lord was instilled early on: She has 
fond memories of being brought in front of audiences during her 
family's concerts and singing simple tunes like  "Jesus Loves Me" 
to the delight of the listeners. Much like a missionary, her family's 
travels helped her to see and experience many new places across 
America and many diverse people. But no matter where they traveled, 
Sarah saw folks that were hurting and  needing Christ's love and mercy. 
As she grew, she knew her calling was to reach out through song and 
word to those searching for something more in a world without compassion.

Sarah's ministry has flourished for many years now. Her work has taken her all across the US and into Mexico and let her meet many wonderful people. God is opening new doors to minister and share daily! Sarah is involved extensively with Radio and Television ministry. This has allowed her to share God's message of hope and change with millions of souls. 

In her ministry and services, Sarah has been privileged to work with a variety of artists and styles. From  Contemporary Christian great Carman, to Grand Ole Opry/Grand Ole Gospel star Jimmy Snow, Son of Hank Snow. Along the way there have been many services and events with Southern Gospel favorites such as Jeff and Sherry Easter, The Florida Boys, Donnie Sumner, and many more. With her family's Bluegrass and Country Gospel roots, she has also enjoyed working with favorites like Earl Wheeler and The Marksmen and countless others. Short of Rap, I think Sarah has been involved with each music style in some way if it brought someone a smile and closer to God. 

These days, not only is Sarah's Ministry and Music continuing to flourish, but God has also
led her to start a Digital Imaging and Media Company. ByrdsongImaging is meeting the needs of companies, groups, ministries and more of every shape and size. Keeping up with Technology while making it understandable and helping it fit every budget, has become a new passion of hers that God has used in a mighty way.

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