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It Was Just January Last Year....

Hopefully by now, you are used to putting 2017 on everything you write.  
The decorations are all away and the house set back to rights. 
Most are about to  into the normal groove of daily life, minus all the
major holidays. 

Where are we now? How does this time compare to the beginning of 2016?  
Did we actually make changes this past year that we promised to?  
Or did we go around a few mountains again? Have we already lost sight of all those amazing  

​"resolutions" we made barely 31 days ago?

I've been praying as we put a lid on another year. Can I live with what I did or did not do in 2016? What is important to me for 2016? You see, many make massive statements, but they rarely succeed.  Why? there is a distinct failure to plan. We plan more for vacations, which last but a week... yet we will allow days, weeks, months,and years to slip by us as we tread the proverbial water of our lives. Then turn around and wonder where it went. 

"Those That Fail To Plan, Plan to Fail"

Get in The Word and see what God is trying to tell you. His plans for our lives far exceed anything we can ever come up with. Perhaps it's been a rough season? Dig in and learn things like Jeremiah 29:11 and get it in your spirit that He has plans for GOOD and a Future! Maybe it is time for some long ago planted seed to burst forth into harvest this year. But you'll never know if you don't get your spirit before the King. If the Creator of EVERYTHING made plans, how do you think you don't need to?

Make 2017 the year you couldn't help but Be Awesome In God.... Because He Planned it for you at the beginning of time....live like it! 


Where has 2016 gone...

I sit at my desk and wonder where has the time gone to? We are staring at 
the fall of 2016 and it seems but yesterday that I had such great plans and
dreams for this year. Truly I am not where I had thought I'd be by now. 
Are you? 

Most of us can answer that we are not even in the same galaxy as we had hoped to be. So many
plans of things were going to do for our spiritual lives, our family, even friends and career. 
So what do we do now? I tell you what, dear friends... I am soooo glad that we serve the God 
that specializes in working from the point we are at right now! God simply is waiting for us to
come to Him and just.....wait. God has always had more than we can ever think or dream of 
in the works for us. But when we refuse to give it all to Him, He's a gentleman and let's us

I am tired of leading. I admit, without Him, I have NO CLUE what to do and can become
easily susceptible to emotions, whims, and such. But it does no matter where we are in 2015, God is the God of working with us exactly as we are!

SO dare to trust Him today with a Joshua kind of faith to lead and show you a path that is beyond your wildest dreams and ambitions... and watch Him move more in the last months of 2015, than you or I ever did up to this point!

Be Blessed,


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